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Trix v1.0.4 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Hight Demage & Attack] - Game Apk Download

Trix roles:

1- two teams (partnership) or four teams,
if two team each opposite players with each others, else each player alone.

2- kingdoms or Complex
kingdoms, each kingdom can order `Heart King, Queens, Diamonds, Collects` and Trix
Complex, can order just `complex` which contains all kingdoms orders in 1 and Trix

3- Game Order Values:
Hear King: -75 `Try not to collect lap contains Heart King`
Queen: each queen -25 total queens -100 `Try not to collect lap contains queen`
Diamonds: each diamond -10 total diamonds 130 `Try not to collect lap contains diamond`
Collects: each card collected -15 total -195 `Try not to collect any lap`
Trix: first player +200 , second +150, third +100, last +50 , total 500 `Try to be the first`

when king duplicated then values becomes -75 * 2 = 150
the player win the duplicate gets +75

queens dupllicat value = -25*2 = -50
the player win the duplicate gets +25

fresh cases `replay game`:
Trix: when not partner ship and one player has 3 cards of `TWO` and the opposite color of card `THREE` or four `TWO`
Queens: when partnership and each team got -50
Heart King: when not partnership and one player has either king or Ace from hearts alone or with card

Whats New
add game speed
fix heart king partnership
change cards design
fix bugs
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    2.3 and up

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