Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest

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Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest Latest Version Apk Download

PC online game "Dragon nest" with smartphone!

Finally it will be the first smartphone action RPG in the series!

◆ ◇ Refreshing Action Battle × Fantasy RPG is Ima!

Collect and collaborate with super colleagues super-large bosses, dragons!

Refreshing 3D action RPG which can be enjoyed thoroughly with vertical holding, sideways holding

◆ ◇ What is "Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest" (Selesaga)?

· Skill activation with a combination of attacks! Refreshing, action game

· "Vertical carrying / Horizontal holding" freely! Choose a place to play, Hunting games

· "Town" with "Guild"! Real-time chat system with Taiwanese speaking

· Fight against prescribed destiny, royal road fantasy story

Decide a flashy refreshing action with a combination of attacks!

· Combine 'Normal Attack / Special Attack / Avoid' to activate skill

· Take advantage of combos and skills, accumulate deathbed technique gauges!

· Experience the varied skills prepared for each character!

■ Meet Serencia and face super-large bosses with friends!

· Overdo! A large number of super-large bosses not fully reflected on the screen appear!

· It's not just pressing! Aiming to destroy parts and so on Technically it!

· Collaborate with friends and friends to play with up to 4 people! Multiplayer installed

■ Road Fantasy Story! Abundant content that you can enjoy alone!

· Individual character full of charm that gorgeous voice actors play

· According to the prescribed destiny, the hero who goes into the trial, what do you see before the bad dragon? !

· It's not only multiplayer! Full of contents that can be enjoyed even alone!

■ Equipment can be created from the collected items! The appearance of characters changes with equipment and costumes!

· The appearance of the character can be customized! Coordinate characters to your liking

· Collect items from super bosses and build strong equipment!

· The strongest equipment is equipment production! What? In other words, anyone will spend time ...?

[Recommended for this type of sesame sugar]

· I like flashy action games with exhilaration! I like RPG!

· I want to enjoy the hunting action that pierces the gap of the moment by forwarding the attack of the monster

· I like MMORPG, I want to engage with a lot of people in real time

· Anyway, I want to enjoy communicating with yahoo by chatting

· I want to enjoy the world view of the royal road fantasy

· Feel uplifting in confronting a huge boss with a group!

· Kill monsters and collect items and make equipments I like hunting games

· I want to enjoy monster hunting in cooperation with my friends like MMO

· Defeat the enemy with weak equipment! Way to play such as trying player skill freely!

◆ ◇ Enthusiastic artists participation!

Theme song: "LIT" (Kumi Koda)

What is Koda Kumi?

Born from Kyoto Prefecture. Debuted at "Take back" in 2000. Since then he has produced numerous hit songs.

One of the only artists to be referred to as Queen of live from high live performance skills.

◆ ◇ Attractive Character Voice by gorgeous voice actors!

· Break (CV: Hiroki Kaji)

· Childeria (CV: Kana Asumi)

· Cloy (CV: Daisuke Namikawa)

· Soricia (CV: Ami Koshimizu)

· Goddess Faruminas (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

· Argenta (CV: Atsuko Tanaka)

· Tatiana (CV: Rie Kugimiya)

· Eileen (CV: Matsue Rui)

Many others

■ Word that is easy to mistake

Serenia saga / cereau cyan saga / celissian saga / dragonext

■ Application price

Application Body: Basic Play Free (Item Billing Type)

Recommended terminal

Android 4.1 or later, smartphone with 2 GB RAM or more, and tablet terminal


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