Ragnarok Online Mobile : Guardian of Eternal Love Apk

Ragnarok Online Mobile : Guardian of Eternal Love Apk

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Whether you have not played the "Ragnarok" RO this travel, I would like to sincerely recommend to you our "Ragnarok: RO" guarding the eternal love. This two years of careful polished MMORPG hand tour is not only a classic RO heritage, but also on behalf of our game as a player, the game and the game environment.

The game seriously reproduce the end of MMO all successful settings, interactive, teamwork, there is no classics to the classic differences in the occupational and system partition, and -

No ten even pumping,


No physical value settings,

No VIP level packs,

Not tired of death to dozens of currencies and enhanced content.

No sign-in, not on-line every day, a single currency, powerful interactive features, there is no automatic pathfinder, no auto-complete tasks.

Of course, do not need these, because this is a real MMORPG hand tour.

We have, but let you move the story, and countless species will not increase your "equipment and other ratings," the casual games are played.

If you are willing to take risks again in the game, rather than work in the game, then welcome to the "Ragnarok: Protecting the eternal love" of the world. - producer KONG

[Game Features]

- Classic, fourteen years of love screen regression

Full 3D reproduction end travel classic screen, more refined Mead Garzt Kingdom, Pronondera, Giffen, Fei Yang shock return, a love character, Q bomb monster, familiar headdress, mounts are all re-engraved , More new weather system on-line, bring you real adventure experience!

- Unbridled adventure, open the world of freedom to explore

The game is a multi-linear fragmentation narrative to show you a glorious epic Midgart continent, open unlimited non-linear map, any level of adventurers can go to any place they want to go. Encountered every NPC, has its own story.

- Have love design, hand traveled Mead Garzt

We have produced a lot of love in the game design is meaningless: the camera features the adventure will be a good memory of the way down; hand in hand to adventure and grow together, you never a man in the battle; surprise toys make you transfiguration game Props, turned Monster, and friends enjoy playing; more phonograph function, in the memory of those tired when the beginning of the echo.

- Team fighting, I was MVP

Open five professional and retain the freedom to add points, inaugural transfer games are played, team fighting, each job has its strong sense of presence, and thus more confident in the adventure! Mission battle must have, search the world wherever the whereabouts of the MVP, more classic MVP card, exclusive headdress to commemorate the glory!

- the world with the service, a unified currency Zeny

Using the world service business model, regardless of geographical, regardless of equipment, regardless of successively with the adventure! No roll clothes, refused to die, no VIP, unified Zeny currency, proudly proud to use technology to earn money playing the player!

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Official website: RO.com

Official micro message: Ragnarok_Online

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