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Erebus RPG v4.3.8 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money & Hight Rate Exp] - Game Apk Download

Erebus is an Open Source Action RPG with 3 quests and random dungeons, set in a medieval fantasy Swords & Sorcery world.

Note for people who have played Exiled Kingdoms: Both Erebus and Exiled Kingdoms legally use free textures from Flare RPG: . Also see from Exiled Kingdoms themselves: . Neither games are a copy of each other.

* Classic point-n-click hack `n` slash dungeon crawl style fantasy Role-Playing Game, with dungeons to explore, enemies to fight, NPCs to talk to, sub-quests to complete, scenery to interact with, weapons, treasure and other items to find.
* Multiple quests (currently three, more will be added as development progresses!)
* Also provides randomly generated dungeons to explore and battle through.
* Choice of starting characters (currently Barbarian, Elf, Halfling, Ranger, Warrior), each with their own special skills.
* Start straight into the action - none of this `For your first quest, please find your next door neighbour`s pet cat`.
* Vector-based world rather than tile-based - so items/scenery can be placed in any position, or aligned in any direction.
* 2D animated graphics, with zoom in/out, and lighting effects.
* Completely free and Open Source - no ads, unlike many free Android apps.
* Cross-platform - available for Windows, Linux, Nokia Symbian, Android and Pandora.

If you need instructions, please see the website (linked below), or click Offline or Online Help from within the game.

Android 2.3.3 or later is required. A resolution of at least 800x480 is required.

Erebus RPG is Open Source, and uses graphics/sound/music from 3rd party Free sources; see the web page for source code, and a full list of credits/licences. Erebus is free, though if you like this game, if you wish you can show appreciation and support future development by donating! This can be done by purchasing my donation app.

Please contact me if you encounter any problems, or have any suggestions for improvements - either email, or post at .

Whats New
Ministro app no longer required. Intel x86 devices now supported.
You can now choose which quest to start on.
More variation in random dungeon levels. Autosave when game goes to background (if not near enemies) and leaving/reentering dungeon. Kinetic scrolling for textviews/lists.
Fixed bug in random dungeon generation. Fixed problem on high resolution phones where maximum zoom level wasn`t very high.
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