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animal BONBON v1.0.3 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money & Hight Rate Exp] - Game Apk Download

****** Game Introduction ******
Much fruit is got.
Animal puzzle game!!

****** How to Play ******
Red button Discharge of a `animal ball` and charge
Blue right-and-left button Movement of monkey name is `Mr.bubbles`

****** Rule ******
A rule is very easy!
A `animal ball` is only flown and put together!
If four or more adhere, a `animal ball` will break and fruit will jump out of inside!
The fruit which jumped out pulls (Mr.bubbles) the wires, and is get!
Since it is not scoring unless it can get fruit, it is careful.

the tips on fruit extensive get -- red button long pressed! -- things.
If it continues pressing, a `animal ball` will become large rapidly!
Since much fruit is contained in the big `animal ball`, it is profit!
Is a `Animal ball` put together in the largest possible state?
It will finish, shortly after also combining small one and being unable to stand in a line efficiently, if a kind increases.
Large and small `animal ball` is used properly, and a lot of fruit is got!

****** Support Various Kinds GamePad. ******

SMACON (HID/SPP ... please use android 2.3.3 terminal in SPP mode)

Whats New
01/20 First Release
The various kinds GamePad are supported.
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