Castle Feast - Murder Mystery

Castle Feast - Murder Mystery

8 500 - 1,000
Castle Feast - Murder Mystery v1.1 Mod Apk [Free Gems and Unlimited Coin] - Game Apk Download

Difficulty: 2/5*

Mystery # 4 of 10 in the Castle series!

The artist, who painted the royal family portrait, has been murdered! Can you figure out who did it before your friends do?

This mystery is Manor Mysteries` second of the medieval themed series. Knights, Damsels in Distress, Kings, Castles, and backstabbing brutality!

Get six friends together to solve this mystery! Act out your roles, and take your party to a whole new level.

Optimal group size: 6
Optimal age range: 13 – 97

This was developed by Meteor Applications. These mystery applications are great for parties, including any ol` random gathering, a dinner party, or a Halloween party. Enjoy!

Mystery Introduction:

Everyone has gathered in the castle’s great hall for a feast celebrating victories past and victories to come. The town and all of its shops have been closed all day in preparation for the festivities. The royal artist is making his first public appearance in months. His masterpiece is completed and the unveiling of the royal portrait is to be one of the main attractions at the festive gathering.
It is unveiled and a few people gasp. Another course of food is served, accompanied with more drinks. A toast or two later and the royal artist is face down on the table. Dead. The remaining six are all suspected. Who could have killed such a talented painter?

*Difficulty rating system:
1: Very easy. Designed to be solved quickly.
2. Easy. Designed to be easily solved when enough information is gathered.
3. Medium. The mystery can be solved with only the clues given, but it`s designed to be slightly more challenging than the `Easy` apps.
4. Hard. The clues are now slightly more complicated and there may be minor, logical leaps required.
5. Very hard. The mystery can definitely be solved with only information

Developed by: Tyler Gruhn
Written by: Fred Klinker
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