CWTelepathy I`ll enjoy morse.

CWTelepathy I`ll enjoy morse.

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CWTelepathy I`ll enjoy morse. v3.1.4 Mod Apk [Unlock Character & Unlimited Resource] - Game Apk Download

One of the simple language in the world, do not enjoy the Morse code.
The playing rhythmically and remote-to-at your fingertips instead of a handshake, let`s start at the entrance of communication with people around the world. Voice be heard certainly Whisper of the Heart quietly does not need.

It is said that the CW game prefix (continuous wave), and can communicate in cosmic scale or global scale energy-saving because the signal does not change.It is used in amateur radio avid mainly now.
That SOS was originated for the first time in the Titanic, as was depicted in the movie is famous.
Also on the other hand, this game also helps to strengthen the reflection function and identification of color also exercise, the eye which is indispensable to the basic training of speed reading.

It is the sign that represents a combination of two signals (dash) and point length (dot) dot the alphanumeric and Morse code. It is said that Morse code and was designed by artist Samuel · F · B. Morse of America in 1832. Open the door to the world of a new hobby that you learn the Morse code through the game.

This game is a game to compete the score to put out by tapping Morse code of alphanumeric characters and the pair in the allotted time. (In seconds) The score is the time remaining at the time of off.
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