FourFiveSix Games

FourFiveSix Games

4 100 - 500
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Let`s build a puzzle with numbers add up to be a sequence of numbers such as 444, 555, 666, 6666, 66666 or according to the target level.

You also equipped with additional tools such as:
magic plus to add to a point
magic min to reduce the number
hammer to remove the box number
bombs to eliminate a lot of box numbers
arrows are used to increase the number of moves
key to by pass the level

Each level is completed will collect points for the gold and silver used tool wear. Or maybe also get points for adding life to your life

FourFiveSix early versions of the game are available 80 levels and will continue to be updated. Each person will easily complete each level, just takes a little time and think smart.

Thank you if you`ve tried to resolve the challenges of each level.
Good Luck.
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