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This "Dragon Nest" hand tour is not the first entry on the mobile platform works, but it is the first real sense of the Dragon Valley hand tour. "Drago Nest", this "Dragon Valley" hand tour fully transported the end of the 3D action core framework and more than 90% of the game commonality. We all know that "Dragon Valley," the game's final point and soul value in the world is unique, there is no second game can move beyond the true action of non-locking combat mechanism, the complete restoration of the end-travel core experience of the new " Dragon Valley "hand tour is more than expected by the former is beyond doubt.

Five new hand tour features:

1. Shock cool action experience: up to seventy kinds of skills, any combination of convergence, with a gorgeous and fun with the move experience

2. classic drama to reproduce: "Dragon Valley" hand tour will restore inherited the Dragon Valley huge world view and deep history, classic world view, characters, the story will be perfect inheritance and wonderful remodeling.

3. Warm and gorgeous style: warm and beautiful art scene, authentic original tour to restore the art style.

4. Deep player interaction: players in the mobile side will be able to have a rich social experience.

5. Rich system settings.

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Whats New

1, repair ex skills level 1 bug, the bug led to the use of ex skills to hurt the role of less than the version before the update;
2, I want to change the value of optimization, adjust the unreasonable Dragon, Enchanting, the recommended value of the wizard part;
3, repair assassin skills Heraldry can only wear 4, damage display abnormal and cooling icon error;
4, add the gods shop Altaia's blessing to get the way;
5, heroic canyon numerical optimization:
6, down the building to reduce the amount of blood, to reduce the time alone
7, Lion Scorpion boss calls a substantial reduction in blood volume by 50%
8, Gerant - Laser damage reduced by 30%
9, lower the Ranger Burst Kick and Bundled Shot 30% Damage
10, to enhance the Aisi Xia claws hit 20% of the initial damage;
11, assassin occupational repair and optimization:
12, repair the assassin Chakra cure EX effect and the actual inconsistency of the problem, the actual should be agile 350%
13, repair disabled disabled skills CD description of the problem (duration from 15 seconds to 10 seconds)
14, disabled disabled skills duration, dodge time is shortened to 1 second
15, rage ex to the whole can be jump after the jump
16, repair Eileen's collection of recipes to obtain the honor medal open abnormal problems, abnormal adventurers can contact the official staff (customer service or community management) for feedback, check will be the corresponding compensation;
17, repair the dragon dragon hole first and second off the blood and attack abnormalities, the main line fog cliff bottom line 10-3 will be stuck in the problem;
18, to repair the initial hair color abnormal problem;
19, on the line after the Caton problem has been fixed
20, happy celebration task failed to continue to participate in the problem has been fixed
21, the following job skills have been fixed
Crusader Strike Ex Skill No damage
Light Wrath of the Chakra ring upgrade has no effect
Light anger qte skills cd abnormal
Bright fury professional buff miracle wheel no shield effect
Heavy artillery, mechanical guru, Alchemy Scholar professional buff professional master no effect
22, dark mentor disability buff icon shows the problem has been fixed

1, swimsuit can not be split problem: subject to design reasons, some fashion can not be split, otherwise it will lead to part of the convergence of the problem (similar to the 314 Valentine's Day fashion can not be split). Follow-up production process we will try to avoid this problem, to meet everyone's personality dress requirements.

2, transfer vouchers to receive: transfer vouchers can be received in the official website, into the official website, click on the beta activity module, participate in the new professional cheer activities, share to receive transfer vouchers, cheer also get refined stone and forging stone.
3, hair dyeing related issues:
Hair wear and dyeing need to operate in the closet, equipped with new hair can click on the hair for dyeing operation, dyeing consumption of a certain amount of coloring, dyeing different colors will not be covered when the original color (coexistence), the player can freely replace the current hairstyle Of the color; different hair coloring effect is not interoperable;
The default hair can not be dyed, only the new hair can be dyed, hair and stains in the diamond / dragon coins in the [consumables] column to buy.

Thank you for your understanding and support, R & D team is also ongoing game features and content optimization, and constantly enhance the gaming experience. Welcome to the adventurers to contact us to provide feedback to us and help us grow up with you!

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