Forest Fairy Bubble Shooter

Forest Fairy Bubble Shooter

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Enter the Mystic Forest and solve all its magic mysteries! Forest Fairy Bubble Shooter blends the addictive bubble shooter gameplay with puzzle solving and strategy. Follow the wise fairy through her forest and help her clear levels in her fairy kingdom’s forest.

You have three bubble shooter game modes:
* Action Levels: This is the bubble shooter game you know and love. Group 3 or more bubbles in order to make them pop.
* Puzzle Levels: Follow the hints, unlock bubbles with a special power and plan your every shot so you can clear the level. Look into your inventory and select bubbles for the level. Remember! Each shot counts!
* Fill the Voids: This is the bubble shooter puzzle game that’s most exciting. Each level has the outlines of the bubbles you need to position on the screen as well as an interactive environment.

- Bubbles with special powers
- Bubble shooter levels with progressing level of difficulty
- Interactive environment
- Timely hints from your fairy to help you clear a level
- Breathtaking fairy tale forest backgrounds.
- Inventory function where you select the sequence of bubbles you shoot

Become a bubble sharpshooter with Forest Fairy Bubble Shooter – a game for boys and girls of precision and fun!

Note: This game is completely free to download and play the first 10 levels, than if you need to unlock the rest 54 levels for only 99 cents.

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Whats New
Few bug fixes and improvements.
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