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Fantasy Chronicles v3.4.0 Mod Apk [Free Gems and Unlimited Coin] - Game Apk Download

>> Thousands of players realtime PK of 3D frames, unique pets and bloodline shapeshift!<<

[Game Information]
Fantasy Chronicles is a 3D fantasy MMORPG masterpiece of cute version. It creatively allows you to ride those lovely, unique pets and provides plenty functions such as Bloodline Awakening, Dynamic AI Instances, Real-time Day and Night. Thousands of skills are available for free combination; peerless Halidom, Gears and Suits are all yours; Single mode, Team mode and Legion skirmish in Wild PK immerse players in a brand new MMORPG world.

[Game Features]
--Unlocked realtime wild battles allows thousands of players to fight in one screen;
--Inimitable pets are not only your rides but also assistants in fight!
--Legion War realizes a 60V60 realtime battlefield;
--No limitation! Free fight, free trade, free wild PK!
--Awake your ancient Bloodline: one role, two shapes;
--A giant world map, alternation of day and night, dynamic lighting, world`s top image quality;
--Plane system makes it possible to shuttle in different scenes and enjoy various combat styles;
--Brilliant collection of multiple luxury fashions will display your refined taste!

A pinnacle of mobile games in 2016, a cartoonish 3D MMORPG masterpiece——Fantasy Chronicles, a hit of this year!

[Gameplay Introduction]
--Exciting PVP: Innovative World Boss, Pillage and Escort quests, magnificent Legion Wars, Arena, Wild PK… All of them will definitely satisfy your killing appetite, fulfill your desire for glory and show your overwhelming glamour as a dynast!
--Conquest: One server VS one person! Legendary Red Gears will show up here!
--Pet Expedition: Our innovative gameplay! Pets will get new abilities through bloodline evolution and team up for expedition. They overcome all the difficulties to bring back rare trophy for their owner!

Tips: You can choose Chinese or English version freely.

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Whats New
Version 3.4.0 Update Notice
【New Systems】
1. Couple welfare and instance will allow couples to get more interaction and rewards.
2. New gameplays in Legion Tech: Mascot, Banquet and Drinking Wine.
3. New cross-server PVE events: Fiend City and Mysterious Auction.
4. Make your weapon sharper and harder in Deterrent Trial!
5. With Affection, higher-level players can get great rewards when helping lower-level ones clear instances!
6. Two new orange pets: Robust Panda and Flame Dragon!
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