Match Button - 6 games in one

Match Button - 6 games in one

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Match Button - 6 games in one v4.42 Mod Apk [Undied, Invicibility, Unlimited Key] - Game Apk Download

Match Button is a simple and fun set of sweet puzzle games. Mr Match Button (yes, Match is his name) has 6 button shops (four different game modes). He asks you to help in arranging his buttons. If you are clever and hard-working, he will be very happy and has a lot of bonuses and achievements for you. If you make a mistake, he will be very sad.

1. In England (Puzzle mode) - remove all buttons. Mark buttons in the same color and shape which are in a line (horizontal, vertical or at an angle). In the line may be a gap.
2. In France - (Mark mode) - mark paths of neighboring buttons in the same shape and color (horizontal, vertical or at an angle). If you mark at least 7 buttons you achieve one of the extra bonuses. The more buttons you mark, the higher the score.
3. In Japan - (Slide mode) - tap and slide the adjacent buttons to form groups of 3 or more buttons of the same shape and color in a row or in a column. Matching four or more buttons spawns special `bonus` buttons.
4. In Italy - (Pop mode) - pop groups of neighboring buttons of the same shape and color (adjacent vertically or horizontally). The faster you pop and the bigger groups you eliminate, the more points you earn. If you mark at least 8 buttons you obtain one of the extra bonuses (the buttons you started marking from will get bonus). If you make a mistake you will lose some time.
5. In Cut Off/ Cut Off 2 mode - similar to the Puzzle mode, but there is no gravity!

Collect points and achievements and share your score online!
Beware: this game is really addictive.

- four game modes with different rules,
- simple rules,
- colorful, sweet graphics,
- relaxing, attractive and addictive gameplay,
- online, global high score table.

Whats New
+ bug fixes
+ sound state stored after closing the game
+ GUI enhancement for tablets
+ new 3000 levels!
+ new 7x7 and 8x8 board sizes
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