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Soul Magic Online v1.0.9 Mod Apk [Free Gems and Unlimited Coin] - Game Apk Download

Chance Event!!!!

(Period : 8/30After MA ~ 9/6 Before MA)

- Spirits chance UP Event
- Weapon chance UP Event
- Ice set Chance UP Event

[Infinite Gate Open]

Each element Gate opens weekly
Attend the infinite competition and take the ranking rewards!!

[Update Client Patch 1.0.7]

1. Infinite Dungeon Update
2, Auto Field Update
3. New Wings, Hats Updates
4. System improvements
- Change chat bubble size
- Add main channel move channel
- Dungeon auto system improvement (target, skill, etc.)
5. Warrior Skill (Holy Sword) range error fix
6. New Event

[Game Introduction]

A MMORPG that plays on vertical screen!
Expedite level up by accomplishing Main Quests!

Soul Magic Online (shortened as SMO) is
A social community MMORPG that
evolves your character by leveling up.
You will acquire various items(weapon&armor) and skills to play Daily Dungeon and Party
Level and make your own character stronger!

[Game Features]==========================
1. Vertical screen MMORPG!
You can touch everywhere with only one hand!

2. Your own cute and adorable costumes!
Express your own character by equipping various equipments!

3. Evolve all items!
Enhance, Awaken(Evolution), and Enhant Ability to make your item much stronger!

4. Plays all Dungeons!
Strategic Dungeon play with elements!

5. Improve your own character!
You can improve your character by equipping weapon/skill whatever you want!

* Official Page:
* Offical Facebook:
* Customer Service: [email protected]

Whats New
minor bug fixed.
Video Trailer
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