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Fortune has fallen upon the Chaos Legends realm, bringing a cascade of new features and exciting challenges to rouse even the most battle-weary warrior. Check out our all-new Mount Battle, which can increase your mount`s attributes beyond anything that was possible before. New Deities, Magis, and mounts are all waiting for you to discover and claim. The battles have never been fiercer, and the rewards have never been this splendid. Whether you`re new to the realm or an old hand, don`t miss out on the Endless Glory Update!

Defend the Keep

Pick a side and join the vicious war to rule the land. Warriors join the fray as foot soldiers of one of two mighty nations. Battle your enemies in spontaneous open world skirmishes and large-scale battles to defend your kingdom. Complete special tasks set down by you ruler and ascend the ranks, becoming even the king himself!

Never Miss a Moment

The adventure never ends, even when you`re not playing! With the innovative `offline gameplay` feature, you never have to miss a moment, gaining experience and rewards while offline. Manage your time inside the game and out as you grow your arsenal of weaponry and cultivate our hero to become the ultimate legend of the whirling chaos that grips the land!

Ride into Battle

Traverse an expansive game world astride beautiful and fearsome beasts with Mounts! Your trusted steads will stay with you through thick and thin - collect new and exciting mounts and nurture their inner strengths to fill your stables with unique and exciting creatures at your disposal.

Revolutionary Open World PvP

The two mighty kingdoms hold tight to their capitals, but beyond each city`s walls stretches a dangerous frontier filled with monster and mayhem. Adventurers must set out into this world and brave the risks to reap riches and rewards. But beware! Enemy warriors roam these lands as well, and in the wilderness there is only one justice - the edge of a blade.


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Whats New
1. Mount Battle added
2. Guild Resource Contest added
3. Guild Competition, Homage and Worship added
4. Mount Feed, Evolution, and Skills content added
5. New Mount: Dusk Candle
6. New Deity: Chang`e
7. New Magi content: Combination, Reincarnation, and Diagram
8. New Magi: Xuanzang, Emperor Chicken
9. New system: Guild Construction
10. New Rune level cap: 35
11. New Deity System
12. New Red Gear: Tier 2, 5 Stars
13. New Outfit series: Spring Festival
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