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Beer Line

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Beer Line v9.3.4 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] - Game Apk Download

A simple fun addictive board game to challenge our hand-eye coordination and requires extreme precision and agility to hit high scores. (also commonly known to many as netwalk.)

Worked on the algorithm to make the game more challenging, higher the level, the more complex it gets. Please update to the latest version. Sure to keep you hooked on.

Minor bug fix while handling image transition, assistance mode and reworked to calculate scores.

Also the user gets a heads up before the timer starts.

Please rate this application and any comments are appreciated. Will try and make it better.

Tap each cell in the grid to orient the connectors so that the beer flows to all the empty beer mugs from the source. Lesser moves/time taken to complete the game, better will be the score.

Make high scores and share it with your friends and folks.

It includes unique facts, trivia and quotes about beer per game finished.

Objective: The player`s aim is to route the beer from the it`s source, keg to all the empty beer mugs on the circuit, forming a unique path. Quickness and precision is challenged with respect to time taken and the number of moves made to fix.

3 levels are supported 6 x 6, 7 x 7, 8 x 8

The competency of the level increases with the number of cells and the number of empty beer mugs.

Player can turn on or off the assistance to score better.

Whats New
**New theme available**
Upgraded User Interface - Rotating menu - Pull down the required button to your thumb`s convenience on the home screen
Leaderboard - Be a part of Leaderboard via GOOGLE SIGN IN (the reason you will be asked for INTERNET PERMISSION)
Challenge your friends and family with the same circuit you just played. You have an option to share the same circuit if you think you have done well or if the circuit was fun enough to be shared
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