Kingdoms Online

Kingdoms Online

9,962 100,000 - 500,000
Kingdoms Online v5.3.9 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] - Game Apk Download

Live the Arabian glory, build a powerful kingdom, conquer your enemies, form alliances, friendships, and rule the world with your alliance! Download now!

It is time to enjoy a real military strategy game that takes place in a pure Arabic frame with its graphics, designs, characters, leaders, units, and story. Form new friendships and foster old ones, and apply unique strategies to achieve victory and crush your enemies.

Game features:
- Purely Arabic game with a full Arabic design, graphics, and characters
- Compete against thousands of Arab players in an epic and deep strategy game
- Join the most powerful alliances and cooperate with your friends to achieve victory
- Build, develop, and expand your kingdom, and invade new lands
- Join in global events with all the players in a unique PvE system
- An epic player vs player (PvP) and clash system
- A unique and highly developed economical system
- Assign governors and generals and upgrade them
- Plan your attacks through employing deep and developed strategies to win
- Build trade centers, military posts, and colonies to expand your reign and territory
- Defend against and attack barbarian camps and preserve your people to flourish

Write your glory with your own hands, and become the legend of Kingdoms Online. Spread your reputation and reign among thousands of players. Your epic story begins today!

The game features Arabic tutorial videos to help you learn and master it.

Kingdoms Online is presented to you by Play 3arabi, Inc., the most epic Arabic games publisher. Follow us on our social media accounts, and send us your questions. We promise to provide you with continuous and quick support. Please rate the game and let us know what you think so we continue developing the game and improving it.

Whats New
السلام عليكم أيها الملوك الأعزاء!
نقدم لكم أحد أضخم التحديثات للمالك اون لاين! الإضافات والتحديثات تتضمن:
برج المعرفة – حدث عالمي جديد! استعمل المخطوطات لكي تقلل وقت جميع البحوث
جمجمة العجائب – اصبح بإمكانكم الأن الحصول على ضعف عدد الآلِئُّ واستخدامها فقط في تقليل وقت بناء المباني
عجائب جديدة – تم إضافة 9 عجائب جديدة ليصبح عدد العجائب الكلي 16!
تم تعديل وتحسين متجر المجوهرات بعرض معلومات كل عرض بشكل أفضل
عودة البطولات - بطولات جديدة وتحديات عديدة بانتظاركم
تعديلات وتحسينات عامة
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