Open Face Chinese Poker

Open Face Chinese Poker

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Open Face Chinese Poker v1.3.6 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Unlock All Character] - Game Apk Download

Welcome to the first Open Face Chinese Poker app with free online play! Yes that`s right, play your buddies or other people online. And you don`t have to pay a dime for that!

Please Note:
This is an early version, I quickly programmed this within a week, because I was not satisfied with the available alternative apps. Therefore, this is not a final polished version, but the feedback I got so far was that this app is already worth publishing. The bot is not yet very strong, but this will change in the near future. If you encounter any bugs, please send me an e-mail, since I do not have a way to contact you directly after you write a review. (This is because this is a free app, and not a paid app, so I do not get your e-mail address. )

Have you ever wondered what poker-professionals play for recreational purposes when they are fed up playing Texas Hold`Em or Omaha? It is Open Face Chinese Poker... In this game there is no bluffing involved, but still it takes time to master and incorporates large adrenalin rushes.
Never heard of this game? Don`t worry, there is an tutorial included to teach you the rules of Open Face Chinese Poker.

This version incorporates three modes:
1.) Play versus a bot in a quick heads-up match
2.) Play against a buddy on the same device
3.) Play online versus friends or others

Please provide me with feedback and tell me which features you want to have implemented as soon as possible.

Whats New
1.3.6: Some new crash fixes ... sorry for the troubles ...
- Improved notifications
- Fixed issue of not counting last hands points in online games.
- Bugfixes regarding connection issues
Introducing: Online Play! Go ahead, and invite your friends for a game, no matter where they are.
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