Fort Royal Meele

Fort Royal Meele

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Fort Royal Meele v1.0 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money & Hight Rate Exp] - Game Apk Download

🗡️ This game offers you to plunge into an atmosphere where excitement and good reaction reign. If before you did not come across crafting and a shooter, then here you will discover these fascinating game genres fortnite! Your main goal is to build reliable defense fortifications that will help you contain the onslaught of hungry zombies scurrying around. Near you are ready to fight experienced fighters - use their help to meet the dawn together!

🧟 The game is interesting with its two modes. Choosing the first, you agree to the conditions when around you reigns chaos, caused by the uprising of the living dead battle royale. When the sun is shining, you have the opportunity to examine your barricades, correct what is questioning your reliability. Replenish the stock with the necessary resources can be with the help of crafting, and the arsenal of weapons - by collecting it by location. You can smile good luck, and you will find a rifle or shotgun, which soon will not once save your life! With sunset, you must be ready to attack zombies, whose army can not be defeated, it is only necessary to wait for the morning, when the sun will weaken them fortnite battle royale. Do not lose courage and fight until dawn, defending yourself and shooting back from enemies along with your faithful friends and helpers!

🗡️ If you want to try the second game mode, then welcome to the royal battle! Here you have to fight against hundreds of players like you - real people. The essence is extremely simple - in a limited area, you must have time to pick up weapons and quickly open fire on rivals to increase your chances of winning. The one who will be the only one left on the battlefield will win. Will you risk trying your hand at it?


🛡️Drawing harmoniously combines animated graphics with a unique vintage.

🛡️ Only teamwork can provide you with a decent result fortnite!

🛡️In the game you will find a variety of weapons!

🛡️Craft what you lack most of all, you can of any unnecessary items battle royale!
Only those who will not lose their control and control over the situation will be able to win the victory in the royal battle!

🧟 Weapons will give you strength, confidence and victory!

Whats New
- Using a new color palette in the design;
- Unobtrusive game sounds;
- Regular replenishment of weapons stockpiles;
- Bug fixed
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