Buried Town - Free Zombie Survival Game

Buried Town - Free Zombie Survival Game

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Buried Town - Free Zombie Survival Game v1.4.0 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] - Game Apk Download

One of the most dreadful horror zombie games ever. One of the most intense survival games ever. One of the most doom-feeling simulation games ever.

Buried Town is a unique hybrid of strategy survival game and realistic simulation game. It hits 10 million downloads worldwide, and it’s FREE! Just start your adventure now!

When you wake up, and are surrounded by zombies, can you survive in this war of zombie apocalypse?

Your adventure just started from here, a small haunt with no bed, no stove and no fence.
Don’t let the horror of this war against zombie seize you and struggle against the starvation, infection, wounds and bleeding. You need to decide how to allocate your time and what to craft and where to explore next.
Your threats are various, be aware of hunger, starving, infection, zombie and try not to be injured.
This survival game offers you a totally innovative experience of zombie survival simulation game.
Check the following key features to get more information.

Driven by the hunger
They brutally tear and devour each other
The void is just around the corner
They dance during the last feast
Push you to the edge of despair
And send you an invitation to the hell
---Cissy Liu

•A combination of interactive fiction game, adventure game, and strategy game
•Black and white graphic design, attracting sounds effect and gloomy background music create an intense and horror atmosphere
•Random elements every time. You never know how your adventure will be next time
•When exploring the new place, you may find the horror secret rooms sometimes
•Several NPCs to interact with. Enjoy your adventure with these new virtual friends
•Repair the facilities in your shelter to survive longer
•Use those facilities to craft weapons, furniture, foods, and medicines. Try to live better during this war against zombies.
•Arm yourself to fight with zombies more easily
•You may feel this survival game difficult at some point. Don’t give up, rethink your strategy and give it another try.
•Use the old radio to find other survivors in this war of zombie apocalypse

•Explore different places to gather supplies
•Use different supplies to craft your tools and weapons to win in this war
•Fight against zombies to avoid infections

•To make a longer survival, repair the fence ASAP
•To make a longer survival, upgrade the facilities timely
•To make a longer survival, interact with NPCs to increase their favorability
•To make a longer survival, be aware of the importance of wood
•To make a longer survival, remember that cold can kill you too. Repair the stove before winter

Buried Town is just a simulation survival game for entertaining. Please do not take any part of this game as your real wilderness survival guide. Locojoy believes that everyone yearns for the joy from games, and it’s our first priority to bring you the happiness and enjoyment through our games. We want to make Buried Town one of the most attractive zombie apocalypse horror survival games just for you.

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Whats New
Purchasable character——Masako
Masako`s specific formula: creates electric chainsaw, electromagnetic pistol, electromagnetic long-barrelled gun and generator component
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