Oscademy A unique slide puzzle

Oscademy A unique slide puzzle

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A new unique twist for an old Puzzle.
The classic slider (boss, gem, mystic square, 8 or 15, game of fifteen,) or number puzzle used numbers(1 to 8, 1 to 15) or pictures on the tiles that you need to slide around using the blank tile space to put the tiles in the correct order. This is NOT a number puzzle, but the game mechanics are the same.

Oscademy uses the same game style, but adds a fresh new challenge to this puzzle type. It adds an element of trivia - in this case movie trivia or the Academy Awards Oscar Nominations. The result is a trivia, general, or popular culture knowledge game and a logical puzzle all in one - that`s two puzzles in one!

The game uses the 2014 Oscar, Academy Award Nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, & Best Screenplay. It uses the FoLaWo™ concept of using words, instead of the classic numbers/pictures on the tiles.

The word answers are broken up into 9 (3x3 ) or 16 (4x4) letter groups or pieces and placed on the tiles. The object of the game is to use the clues( easy, hard - some cryptic ) to solve the word, then use your logic to move the tiles to spell the word and put them in the same order as the clues ( 1st clue = 1st row [1,2,3], 2nd clue = 2nd row [4,5,6], 3rd clue = 3rd row [7,8,_]. The result is a new novel, unique, original, ( and any other words you know which describe something just a bit different from the norm) and challenging word slide puzzle.

- Note - in the classic puzzle there are 8 or 15 tiles and 1 blank space in position 9 or 16 - in FoLaWo™ style I have made the blank space a key tile ( tile is transparent), but it has letters which are in GREEN and are needed to spell the 3rd or 4th word (the last word/answer), and this is your first hint, as the key tile ends in the bottom right position, or where the blank tile would normally go in the classic game.

Hints are available if you get stuck, free to use, they only affect your score!
3x3 or 4x4 style.
3 game modes: Easy, Medium, Hard - with the choice to make it Easy if you get stuck.
Wooden tiles - an ode to the classic wooden slider that the FoLaWo™ concept is based on.

A simple puzzle with a unique twist!
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