Heroes Guardian

Heroes Guardian

314 10,000 - 50,000
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Heroes Guardian is next level RPG with Epic storyline. You plays as a legendary hero with mystical skills. Are you ready to start epic adventure? Create powerful heroes team, craft and upgrade weapons, fight in unique strategic combat system with enemies and fearsome bosses to level up team, and challenge battle with other players around the world in Arena. The fate of the world is in your hand.

One day in the world Valondale, the ancient dark lord of the underworld was resurrected from his long slumber. With the will to dominate the earth, hell and Heaven to be under his power, he then invade all the world with his dark army. Every corner that he reach, darkness spread to there, from town to town from country to country. It is now time to gather the heroes from all the world and dimensions, to fight the evil and save the world or die trying. And you, were the chosen one among them.

- Crafts decks from hundreds of heroes
- Tactical Turn-based combat
- Tactical maneuvering with 5 types of heroes
- Fusion and evolve heroes
- Craft and Enhance items & legendary weapons

- Stunning action packed heroes from different world and time
- 3D Rendered maps and mythic Boss
- Forceful and dazzling skills
- Unique dynamic battlefield

- Adventurous maps and hundreds of levels
- Conquer the Valondale in Xtra Raids
- Beat other players in Arena
- Earn rich rewards from Underworld

- Connect friends via Facebook
- Ask friends to help you beat BOSS
- Challenge your friends in Arena

Whats New
Fixed and Update
- Fixed chat bugs
- Fixed Item detail show in Shop & Arena Shop
- Update game balance
- Update Support new events
- Improve game performance
- Update some skill`s effects
- Add more warning on Fusion and Limit Break (when have a `+Hero` in fusion slot)
- Update skill level up by fusion same hero will get random bonus with out random to skill that have been max (*Chicky still random to skill that have max level)
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