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Fractalmetrics v7.3.2 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Unlock All Character] - Game Apk Download

Explore the `Mandelbrot Set` fractal space using simple controls.
- Press and hold on the area you want to zoom in on.
- Swipe up and down to zoom in and out at your current center point
- Swipe left and right to increase and decrease the resolution.
(At close-up zooms, iterations can take an incredibly long time to produce a `good` image)
- Press the menu button and `Save to SD card` to save the generated image for use as a wallpaper or to send through email or text message SMS.

The `Mandelbrot Set` is defined by the equation:

Zn+1 = Zn^2 + c

The `c` in this equation can be a normal decimal number, or it can be an `imaginary number`. Imaginary numbers are numbers that attempt to define the square root of a negative number. No number multiplied by itself will result in a negative number, so mathematicians have explained this phenomenon with the math symbol `i` which is defined as the square root of negative one. The `Mandelbrot Set` lies on a plane where the left to right x values are the real number components of `c` and the up-down y values are the imaginary number i components of `c`.

The equation above is the type where the result of the equation is fed back into itself in what is called recursion or a recursive function. Initially a point is chosen within this real-imaginary plane and the equation is repeatedly applied until it can be determined that that starting point `escapes` or is part of the set.

The rainbow colors of this app are achieved by assigning a slightly different color to each point depending upon how many iterations it takes to determine that that point escapes the `Mandelbrot Set`.

For a better description of `Mandelbrot Sets` and fractals, please visit these wikipedia entries:


Whats New
* Added zoom-in and zoom-out using swipe up/down.
* Added the ability to start by using a smaller image until you are able to find a good place where you want to see the Mandelbrot in its full glory.
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