Make More!

Make More!

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Welcome to the factory business, where you can gain maximum profits on the backs of your hard-working employees!

Oh... I meant congratulations! You are now a factory owner! It`s time to Make More!

* HIRE silly workers
* TRAIN your workers to work faster
* BUILD new factories that make new crazy products
* COMPLETE all factories to get mega cool trophies and make the BIG BOSS happy
* CAN YOU FIND all the silly workers in the game?

Every factory you build has its own different character. Circus Factory makes sweet cakes and lollipops! Farm Factory produces farm stuff like cows. And poop.

Surprise gift boxes will boost your productivity: You`ll make a fortune a lot faster when the boss gets his cup of coffee! And see your workers go wild with some motivational disco music! There is only one direction to follow: MAKE MORE!

You can play Make More! for free, but it contains optional in-app purchases. Please see your device`s settings if you want to disable in-app purchases completely.

!!Warning!! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE CONTENT! Once you start playing Make More!, you can`t put it away!

We`d appreciate if you`d report any issues you`re having with the game to, please include your device make and model.

Whats New
A HUGE UPDATE for Make More!
* NEW FACTORIES appear when you get your first trophy!
* Make big profits on FASHION INDUSTRY and ROBOT INDUSTRY!
* Get the CLONING MACHINE to hire clones of your favorite workers!
* Collect GOLDEN DUCKS to earn some extra cash!
* The ROBOTS are now CHEAPER!
* Other improvements and bug fixes
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