Guns Girl - School DayZ

Guns Girl - School DayZ

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Guns Girl - School DayZ v4.0.22 Mod Apk [Free Gems and Unlimited Coin] - Game Apk Download

In an apocalyptic world, what would you do to survive when your school friends got turned into zombies? What would you do to save your loved ones?
Collect different weapons and clothes to make yourself stronger! Beat the zombies and save your friends! Although the apocalypse has already upon us, you still have the chance to find out the real reasons behind it and stop the total destruction of humanity. Take care of yourself in this dangerous world.

Guns Girl - School DayZ is a simple, pick-up-and-play arcade action game. Players can collect equipment from stages. For dealing with different situations, players need to create useful builds.

1. Simple, pick-up-and-play arcade action game with anime elements.
2. A lot of unlockable content, including powerful weapons, pretty uniforms, helpful badges and 5 playable characters.
3. You can use 210+ weapons, 110+ uniforms and 120+ badges to create your own build.
4. You are not alone, there are 30 different familiars and you can select one as helper during the stage.
5. Famous Japanese and Chinese dubbing specialists.
6. Use original songs as BGM.
7. Different events in game every week.
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What`s new in version 4.0
【Blessing of Theresa】(Lost sister?)
Theresa: No! I’m not lost!
“Can you help me find my cross? I’m so scared~ Please…” Enough, master! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ I Know its your trick! Your Judah is so powerful! I don’t even have one!
Errrr? Do you mean you would fight with us? You should tell me it at first~( *︾▽︾)Absolutely, I will help you!
【Chapter 20】
Big crisis! Can you save all human beings? Make your choice…
*Add new Map function
【Familiar Run】
(。˘•ε•˘。) Ahhh… You ate too much! Let’s do exercise with familiars> Wait me a second! I can’t follow you… However, I’d like to know who will be the first!
【New weekly boss-Sin】
Where is Sin? I haven’t seen her for a long time…
A scrip? “…I’m going to find Bronya, don’t miss me!” Wait… what’s this! (╯‵□′)╯We need to stop her!

Whats New
What’s new in Version 4.0
New events: 【Familiar Run】, 【Blessing of Theresa】
New familiars and new equipment
New stages in Story Mode
Video Trailer
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