HeadsUp Poker

HeadsUp Poker

3 100 - 500
HeadsUp Poker v1.1 Mod Apk [Free Gems and Unlimited Coin] - Game Apk Download

Ah, Poker, the beautiful game of bluffing and skill; where you try to calm your racing heart and hide the adrenaline shakes behind a facade of stoic indifference and confidence. In HeadsUp Poker, the tension is real, but you can react and expletive to your heart`s content, as your opponents are digital and thus incapable of being offended.

Face off against 4 of the best players my artist could come up with; each more devious than the next - one of them`s even a monkey (albeit a Colonel where he comes from)! Bluff them! Call their bluffs! Make them believe that you know, that they know, that you know that they`re bluffing. It`s all or nothing, middling-to-reasonably high-stakes poker!

And to set the mood; some smooth jazz. Sit in front of a roaring log fire, beside a window where it`s raining outside, to be instantly transported back to a time when men were men, women were dames, and people played poker while listening to jazz as it rained outside. You might want to wear a waistcoat.

It`s one-on-one, winner takes all; just you, against your current opponent as defined by your skill level. Can you rise to the challenge, and become the greatest Hold-Em player of this group of five players (including you)? Remember, in poker, everyone`s a winner. Unless you lose.
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