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AminoAcid v1.1 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money & Hight Rate Exp] - Game Apk Download

Take a journey deep into the cellular machinery that keeps every living being ticking. Stay for the engaging color matching bubble game.

The Game:

AminoAcid is a colorful, fast paced, color matching bubble game. Deliver the right colored bubbles to the slot, avoid mistakes and dangerous toxins, activate power-ups and keep your score up, all while building the longest colored bubble chain you can.

Three game modes, and four difficulty settings, for all kinds of players:
- Arcade: You have one minute to score as high as possible. Be quick!
- Synthesis: Make a chain of 100 bubbles, with as few mistakes as possible. Be precise!
- Real Synthesis: Take up the challenge and make the chains of real-life proteins like Insulin and Hemoglobin. Be awesome!

The Science:

Inspired by the mechanism our cells go through in their daily operation, AminoAcid is based on the “translation” process for converting a mRNA chain into a protein. Each colored bubble represents a different AminoAcid which is carried to the Ribossome and matched with the respective codon in the colored RNA in the bottom, adding itself to the chain that will become the protein once the process is completed.

Whats New
- Added `Restore Purchases` button to store.
- Post game screen now scales better on narrower resolutions
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