Bit Bit Love

Bit Bit Love

17 50 - 100
Bit Bit Love vV1.0 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Hight Demage & Attack] - Game Apk Download

In the world of the Bits where all is order and calculations, two small beings revolt facing the system that directs them. Save R0D and A5CA from security guards who want to annihilate them and break their love!

Outsmart the traps set by the system mastering the powers at your disposal! Check the passage of the Bits activating barriers and anticipating movements at each turn! Security guards must not reach R0D and A5CA!

Features in Bit Bit Love :

- 100 levels of increasing difficulty!
- Control the world of the Bits! Do not allow the system to trap R0D and A5CA!
- A modern-graphics pixel art! (sounds good, isn`t it?)
- A 8-bit era inspired music
- Share your progress with your friends!

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Bit Bit Love is a co-production of two studios:
- 82 Storks :
- Blue Pill :

Whats New
Returning to original game visuals.
Minor bug corrections.
Video Trailer
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