Online RPG AVABEL [Action]

Online RPG AVABEL [Action]

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Online RPG AVABEL [Action] v5.2.1 Mod Apk [Free Gems and Unlimited Coin] - Game Apk Download

◇◆The event `Ultimate Kodora Attacks!` starts from 08/30!◆◇
After the maintenance on 08/30/2017,
the event `Ultimate Kodora Attacks!` will be start!
Get the `RE ORB BOX R` from limited achievement or special Pack!

8/30/2017 after the maintenance until 9/6/2017 04:59 (GMT)

◇◆Extend the period for `Take the Gem Event`!◆◇
Thank you for joining to `Take the Gem Event`!
1.Triple the drop rate of `Birdish Key`.
2.Triple the winning probability rate of `Twinkling Gem`.
Event will be extended with above upper adjustment!

8/23/2017 after the maintenance until 9/6/2017 04:59 (GMT)

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-About the Game
Action online RPG with ultimate graphics  [AVABEL ONLINE]

AVABEL ONLINE is a 3D-MMORPG that delivers the best in smartphone graphics.
Users can enjoy the games exhilarating features, such as smooth combo strikes, sequential attacks with jump action, etc in the same world. Enjoy hunting monsters and quests in the MMO field `Main Tower` (multiplayer field), or the `Dungeon` in the MO Field (Played by parties or by solo), the PvP (Player versus player), or the tower scramble where a max of 1000 players fight each other in real time all with the best graphics.


--- Note this game can also be enjoyed for beginners!!
- If it is the first time to play online RPGs
- If you have played MMORPGs for PC but not for mobile and are looking for a full scale 3D online RPG for smart phones
- If you are looking for a free-to-play role playing game, or just crave role playing games
- If you like fantasy games, or action games
- If you want to experience exciting battles
- If you have mastered many RPGs in the past

The game can be enjoyed for all players that apply for the above.
Build your parties and guilds and enjoy the real time adventure as in online RPGs for FREE!


Whats New
[Added Features and Changes]
-Change made to play a SE sound(notification for quest completed) at the time of reporting quests.
Video Trailer