Famous People - History Quiz about Great Persons

Famous People - History Quiz about Great Persons

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Famous People - History Quiz about Great Persons v1.5 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Hight Demage & Attack] - Game Apk Download

There are the 307 most recognizable persons from the world history in this app: kings and queens, politicians and musicians, actors and film directors.
From Alexander the Great to Benjamin Franklin; from Johann Sebastian Bach to Fred Astaire; from Joan of Arc to Winston Churchill.

The game is divided into 2 Levels based on the difficulty of questions. And two ‘professional’ Levels: Composers (Mozart and Bernstein) and Painters (Michelangelo and Georgia O`Keeffe).
In each level, you can choose several game modes:
* Spelling quizzes (easy and hard)
* Multiple-choice questions
* Time game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute)
* Flashcards

The app is translated into 18 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and many others.

This quiz has a lot of pictures of famous people from all epochs and from many countries. I recommend it for everyone interested in the world history.

Whats New
- Two new levels: Composers and Painters.
- Now the app has 307 portraits of famous people overall.