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Hunt the Wumpus v1.0.0 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] - Game Apk Download

This is a re-creation of the original game developed in 1972 by Gregory Yob (June 18, 1945 - October 13, 2005) who wanted to create a game that was better and more interesting than those currently available.

In this game, you are in a cave of 20 rooms mapped as a dodecahedron, where each room connects to 3 other rooms. The caves do contain hazards. Super bats - in 2 caves - that can pick you up and drop you anywhere at random and bottomless pits - in 2 caves - which meant instant death if either of these rooms was entered (or if you were dropped in one of these rooms by a super bat). The hunter`s weapon is bow and 5 `crooked` arrows. When shooting, the hunter can specify up to 5 connected rooms to which the arrow is to go so that, once it is determined where the Wumpus is, an arrow can be shot at him from any nearby room

While there have been many variations of this game created with various `improvements`, including graphical representations and various changes to the cave layout, hazards faced, and weapon used, many of these miss the point of the logic required to get the Wumpus. Thus, I decided to stay faithful to the original so this game is entirely text based. The only change I have made is to adapt the game to use input methods more suited to Android based phones and tablets. Other than that, this game is the original as created by Gregory Yob.

By applying logic and exercising care, it is usually possible to win the game but it requires that the player work out the details of the map, including the room numbering.

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If you enjoy the game, leave us a good review and check out `Hunt the Wumpus 2` for more challenges. If you run into any problems, please contact us so we can resolve any issues.

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