Super Battle Boy Power of Galaxy

Super Battle Boy Power of Galaxy

610 10,000 - 50,000
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Super Battle Boy Power of Galaxy v8.5.7 Mod Apk [Unlock Character & Unlimited Resource] - Game Apk Download

come play free Battle Boy Power Galaxy, save the galaxy from the evil enemies
who wants to destroy the Earth, you have a lot of power starting from the third to the virus.
the following details of the character:

=== Third Thunderbolt ===
The third is a combination of lightning with the fastest sword so give speed
on the player, it is also the first character in the play the game
These. only the character of the slasher who can buy new strength and peng-upgradean skill and

=== Viper Power ===
Attack with poison is the skill of viper, dressed with thick green color
who has a lethal capability, with the sword of the magnitude he`s ready to fight anyone who
wants to destroy the Earth. the Viper has a distance attack and high attack power

=== Freeze Magician ===
with his magic wand she is able to summon the strength of ice that was able to defeat many enemies
in one attack, magic wand has a distance attack and the attack power

=== The Hell Pyro ===
Pyro the strongest characters fire King diadalah dineraka, he is a human fire controllers
that has the hand of hell, he is ready to send all his enemies into a hellish heat and
vicious, attack specialnya Entei is ` ` (the fire God)

=== Third Wind ===
attack with a long spear and has two very sharp spearhead, attacked
with the power of the wind that is able to knock down giant trees in one gust, attacked
by turning the `kan Spear is his expertise, this is the strongest character in the mode
attacks at close range. kick specialnya is ` Armageddon ` Wind

=== Virus COC ===
Virus COC was one `of his characters that have the highest attack jangakau, she
using a bow and arrow as a virus attack, attack with the virus and pass it on
other kelawan, this is the most expensive at the same time the most powerful character in the history of the fight


In the game you can control the ` boy ` battle Raging, jump, Dodge,
attack, spinning, and special skills.

do not forget also provided power potion to complete 100 levels, namely ` Health
Potions, Rage, Shield, bombs, and Rebirth.

don`t worry about the price, because you can get the power for free
by watching the video reward and waiting for him to finish, you can get some
random items, these items are:

-Health Power Potion
-Power Rage Potion
-Shield Power Potion
-Bomb/Lightning Power Potion
-Rebirth Power Potion

-5 k GOLD
-10 k GoLD
-15 k GOLD
-20 k GOLD
-25 k GOLD
-30 k GOLD
-50 k GOLD
-100 k GOLD

-B`Boy Viper Power
-B`Boy Freeze Magician Power
-Pyro The B`Boy HellPower
-B`Boy Wind Power Slasher
-Virus B`Boy COC Power

very mudahkann to get it? If your lucky you can get character jakpot
without having to buy it.

There is a survival mode for you get GOLD easier and a whole lot of on mode
adventure, you can do a 10-minute survival mode once, but you will
get bonus Gold 99 per 1 beat monsters.

keep your combo you so as not to return to zero because you will get bonus gold multiplied combo which you have gained

Come play now input the coupon code ` 15151515 ` to get 10 k gold first.
don`t forget to like and join the facebook group for additional coupons can be Yes

Whats New
-Improve grafis
-Upgrade NPC max 6
-Add 10 more level
-Fix some bug
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    2.3 and up