Belote Andr Free

Belote Andr Free

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Belote Andr Free v9.6.2 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] - Game Apk Download

★★★★★ Belote game for Android !! (Jass/Bulgarian belote variant) ★★★★★

You can play different kinds of BELOTE :

☆ Regular belote
☆ Coinched belote
☆ Counter
☆ Bridged belote
☆ Stephanoise Belote

✓ Many rules configurations are available !
✓ You can parameter AI players to follow the way you play

In this game, you can play against three AI. You play South.
You can resume a party if you must pause it because of a call for example...

You can also play coinche or contree with or without announcements

You can play Coinche with or without All Trumps/No trump

To give any advice on translation : send a mail to [email protected]
Thanks to Tof, Fabien, Anne, Arsene, Franck, Olivier, Benoït, Romain for the report on AI problems

Whats New
Fix Stephanoise coinche declarations
Fix multiplayer bug
Spring card back
Allow to undo last action
Allow to export and import preferences or stats from DropBox
Rabbit Camera for coinche
New achievements
New challenges
Show token on player who announced Belote
Option : Set up can`t steal Belote
 Option allowing to take AllTrumps with Forced Jack
Option allowing to see each round cumulated score
Option : Shuffle after 3 untook rounds
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