Question and A - General Culture

Question and A - General Culture

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Question & A - General Culture v5.1.3 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Hight Demage & Attack] - Game Apk Download

Do you think that the general culture informative? Do you accept the challenge? Try Test your culture across the public Question & A in multiple areas?
Test your knowledge and your culture through this topic competition in a multi-cultural and diverse areas.
`Question and Answer - general culture` application that contains a historical, cultural, scientific and mathematical questions Islamist group and every question you have four options to him and one of them is the right choice.
Only Enrich your skill and mental abilities tested the mental and religious culture, historical, scientific, mathematical and background through to answer questions you have available in the application.

== Application Features : Question & A - General Culture
- Interfaces sweet and easy and simplified
- Fabulous design, modern
- New and updated questions for 2015 are from the Internet Thaditha
- You may know any correct answer even if you choose to mis
- Gives you the stats for all your answers ten questions.
Contains a lot of Allgaz are all questions accurately and carefully selected high quality

`Question and Answer - general culture` application that contains more of 20 level Each stage on the 20 questions. And for each question there are four choices, only one of them is correct. And the development of public culture is the correct password before you answer to the question pro.

Each stage contains questions from various different topics and levels of difficulty ,,, scientific, historical, geographical, cultural, sports, political ...

The application is periodically updated via the Internet through the addition of new stages and questions.

The game `cultural contest in the general culture` is a game of interface purely Arab and combines entertainment, in addition to the collection of knowledge and culture, all this in an atmosphere of fun, activity and fun.

Our goal is to be added for applications Arab cultural and diverse. Please Support us your assessment of the program and put your mind and your feedback
Please evaluate the game to support us and let us know your opinion now

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تلبية لرغباتكم اصبح يعمل الآن بدون انترنت. حمل واستمتع بالتطبيق
تم تغيير الالوان وتحديث الكود وتصحيح الأخطاء
تم التعديل على الصور
- إضافة أكثر من 1000 سؤال
- إضافة أسئلة تعمل بالأنترنت وأخرى تعمل بدون أنترنت
- إصلاح بعض الأخطاء التقنية.
لا تنسى دعمنا بخمسة نجوم. ومراسلتنا في حالة وجود مشكل
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