🎎Anime Quiz: Free Manga Character Otaku Trivia

🎎Anime Quiz: Free Manga Character Otaku Trivia

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🎎Anime Quiz: Free Manga Character Otaku Trivia v4.1 Mod Apk [Unlock Character & Unlimited Resource] - Game Apk Download

We`re constantly adding new anime character questions every week into this free anime game, stay tuned weebos and otakus! Your Senpai will notice you if you complete them all!

This free anime quiz game is also recommended if you`re looking for characters for your next anime cosplay!

Whether you are an anime otaku pro or a beginner manga fan, this is the perfect otaku free anime quiz game for you to relive your best moments with your favorite anime & manga characters, or just get to know the most badass, cute or even hated anime characters. This free otaku trivia anime & manga quiz with 600 anime characters includes 28 different difficulties and also a hardcore mode!

Challenge your friends for the title of being the biggest otaku weeb in your group and guess the anime characters in this free anime quiz for otakus! It`s also a great choice if you`re an anime cosplayer and looking for inspiration for your next anime cosplay!

╬ More than 600 free anime & manga characters from the hottest animes & mangas. Kawaii, Tsundere, Tonari, hot anime girls, strongest anime guys, you name it, we`ve got them all! Guess the anime & manga characters if you`re a true otaku and get inspired for your next cosplay!
╬ Covering more than 300 anime & manga series, including Attack on Titan, Death Note, Code Geass, Tokyo Ghoul, Stein`s Gate, Naruto quiz questions & more
╬ Guess the `anime world` your anime character lives in
╬ Anime & manga portraits for every characters, including Goku, Light Yagami, Edward Elric, Natsu Dragneel, Naruto quiz questions & more! Perfect inspiration if you`re looking for your next anime or manga cosplay!
╬ Rating-based progress for true otaku weebs
╬ Leaderboards, achievements
╬ HARDCORE anime character trivia mode!

Whats New
HUGE content update with a completely new game mode: WORD more with 700 questions!