Grill the Clam 2

Grill the Clam 2

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Grill the Clam 2 v1.2.2 Mod Apk [Free Gems and Unlimited Coin] - Game Apk Download

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You need to get Rare Items, and add them to your collection. I`m sure you`ve seen games like that before, but this is a Clam Roasting game! The world`s first and originating from Japan, this one`s a bit different.

Quickly and continuously tap the clam on the grill to aim for higher points.
Collect the pearls and diamonds that spill out, and get super Rare Items!
Can you make it to SS rating? Tap quickly like a drum roll!

■Rare Items: truly rare finds♪
Remember those items from back in the day....
●That girl you had a crush on in school: her recorder?
●Whatever happened to: loose socks?
●Where has he gone: that balloon adventurer guy from the 90`s?
●Are you missing it yet: liver sashimi?
Complete your collection! Whenever you have a spare minute♪

■Special Items to advance your game♪
Use the points you earn from your tapping to get Special Items!
Aim for high scores and earn your SS rating!
You can also buy Special Items.

◇◆The Game◆◇

☆Buy Clams
Different clams contain different Rare Items.
Sea snail, oyster, basket clam, scallop, whelk.
Try them all!

☆Buy Grill
The grill gets dirty and black if you keep using it.
Please buy a new one♪

☆Buy Charcoal
Choose from five kinds.
Some make the grill last longer, others release more pearls and diamonds♪

☆Buy Special Items
If you want to get ahead in the game, Special Items are for you♪
Try all the items! Each one has a different effect.

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