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Cast and Conquer

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Cast & Conquer is a fresh and unique take on the classic CCG games! Collect powerful cards, arrange them into fearsome decks, and wage all out war in PvE and PvP alike! Choose between 4 powerful hero classes, each with their own unique play style and abilities.

Along your journey you will discover new cards, new equipment, develop new strategies and conquer an expansive range of areas. Face off against other heroic adventurers in real time in the struggle to become the ultimate champion!

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

★Multiple Types of Gameplay★

• Unfold the expansive single player campaign.
• Compete in PVE and PVP arena battles.
• Expand and upgrade your city.
• Earn rare cards to crush your enemies.

---Fresh Combat System---

• Strategically summon and place units to the battlefield to fight for your hero.
• Combine cards with powerful abilities.
• Join forces with other players, or compete against them in engaging arena fights.

★Huge Campaign★

• Vast and varied locations to explore on your journey.
• More than 200 levels.
• Hardcore Boss fights with rewarding loot.

★MMORPG Elements★

• Equip your character with powerful items.
• Raise a powerful battle pet to aid you in combat.
• Level up to unlock new abilities.
• Daily quests and challenges.

★Team Fights★

• Group up with your friends to take on the toughest challenges.
• Play together to score the best loot!

★Reward System★

• Claim a Daily Login Bonus.
• Log in every day for even larger Bonus Packs.
• Play a daily round of ‘Lucky Draw’ for free cards.

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