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Deadly Dungeons is a first person RPG developed exclusively for the Android platform. It is inspired by several classic dungeon crawlers and roguelikes.

After being separated from your adventuring party, you must navigate a deadly dungeon, and fight your way through hordes of creatures in a desperate attempt to escape alive. What first begins as a simple escape to the surface turns into a fight for survival, a confrontation with an ancient evil, and a descent to hell itself.

Deadly Dungeons features several difficulty levels. Casual, an easy mode that features a god-mode that allows you to play through the game quickly without fear of dying. Normal, a standard gameplay mode with death and saving and loading. Hardcore, a permadeath mode which deletes your save game upon death (not for the faint of heart). Nightmare, an extremely difficult mode with permadeath and creatures that move twice as fast as normal.

Once you beat the game, it doesn`t end there. Start a new game and the dungeon scales to your current player level and features more difficult creatures with enhanced abilities. There are 80+ creature levels of variation featuring over 80 different types of attacks creatures can perform. Beware, the game starts off easy for casual players, but play beyond the initial starting level, and you will be met with challenges that are likely beyond your ability.

Other features include:

* Massive and deadly dungeon environments to adventurer through.
* Randomly generated dungeon levels, creatures, and items.
* Pages worth of dialog, journal entries, and environmental descriptions of the dungeon environment.
* First-person dungeon crawling
* Touch-based interface.

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Whats New
Thanks for everyone`s positive comments! I keep trying!
Email me if you have any issues
Version 2.3.4 - December 14, 2015
* Decreased gold drops
* Increase store item levels
Version 2.3.2 - June 18, 2015
* Prevent save games that load with player dead
* Main menu image set to power of 2 dimensions
Version 2.3.1 - April 23, 2015
* Tapping on the screen at startup goes to the main menu
Version 2.3.0 - January 23, 2015
* Improved thread handling
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