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This expand and collapse the status bar (or notification center) automatically, by detecting phone’s back cover angle with the ground. Users can see latest information of their phone, without pulling down the status bar by fingers. It detect of angle with the ground, and trigger expansion and collapse of the status bar.

Because of the large screen size, pulling down the status bar could be tedious and difficult sometime. It can also help you to keep your screen clean because auto pull-down do not require touching of screen. If you have a large screen, you will love this app.

To summarize, it collapse and expand (open / close) your status bar without touching your screen.

What’s new in this version:

  1. 1.0.88 Fix for 5.1.1

  2. 1.0.85 Stability fix

  3. 1.0.84 Minor bug fix11

  4. 1.0.83 language update

  5. 1.0.82 Fix for android 5 / lollipop exclusion list (require PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission)

  6. 1.0.81 Expand angle update

  7. 1.0.80 Improve Stability

  8. 1.0.78 Fix for Nexus 5, Update Icon

  9. 1.0.77 Bug fix

  10. 1.0.76 Disable when Calling (Require READ_PHONE_STATE permission)

  11. 1.0.75 Notification fix (4.3+)

  12. 1.0.72 Add Russian translation (Олег Глядков), Chinese translation (吴天豪)

  13. 1.0.70 Bug fix

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    2.2.3+ (Ginger Bread)