RGB Demo Color schemes

RGB Demo Color schemes

1 1,000 - 5,000
RGB Demo Color schemes v1.4 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Please read the help text since the
GUI is somewhat complicated.

The app handles an infinite number
color schemes, where each scheme,
contain 80 colors (RGB values).

You get access to a number of
predefined color templates that already
are decorated with the most common colors.

You will be able to create, copy
and delete color schemes, to suit
your own needs.

Translate Pantone PMS numbers
to RGB and hexadecimal numbers

Do you want to use it without
restrictions, download the
pay version - RGB Colour schemes.

Whats New
GUI enhancements - Better suited for tablets and design improvements
Now it is possible to copy/paste a color (RGB values)
Now it is possible to scroll through all 80 RGB values
in a color scheme in an easy way.
Added a color scheme to translate Pantone PMS numbers to RGB and hexadecimal numbers and vice versa.
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