Quoda Code Editor Premium Patched Apk

Quoda Code Editor Premium Patched Apk

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Download Quoda Code Edtor Premium Pathced v1.0.1.2 Apk Download here

Quoda is a sophisticated yet easy to usesource code editor or IDE, much like Notepad++, Textmate or SublimeText, with integrated support for SFTP/FTP(S) servers and cloudstorage (Dropbox and Google Drive). Here are some of the bestfeatures:

• Syntax highlighting with themes

• Cross-session editing

• Code-completion*

• Snippets* with tabstops and variables

• Extended keyboard

• Find and replace with regex and case (in)sensitivity

• SFTP/FTP(S) integration*

• Dropbox/Google Drive integration*

• Google Apps Script support

• Keybindings

• Live HTML/Markdown Preview* (Tablets)

Other features include downloading URL source code,auto-encoding detection, brace matching, auto-indentation, linebookmarking, colour picker, HTML formatting, and even more - manyof these unmatched by other Android IDEs or text editors!

Quoda is continuously being updated with new features. Thefollowing are planned to be released soon: GIT support, Box andOneDrive integration, custom themes, import FTP server data fromFileZilla, code-completion for all programming languages andmore!

* These features require an upgrade to Quoda Premium for only$3.99/£2.49/€4.10.

Quoda has had much focus put into its user experience, so it isan easy to use, fast, responsive and very reliable IDE. Despite itslarge array of features, it is made as intuitive as possible, soyou can develop as productively as possible and focus on the sourcecode.

Quoda currently supports coding in the following programminglanguages: ActionScript, C, C++, C#, CSS, Haskell, HTML, Java,JavaScript, Lisp, Lua, Markdown, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python,Ruby, SQL, Visual Basic and XML. More programming languages arebeing added all the time!

If you want to code productively away from your PC, Quoda is amust have, allowing you to carry a text editor and IDE likeNotepad++, Textmate or Sublime Text in your pocket to code when onthe move!

More info: http://www.getquoda.com

Email: [email protected].Feedback, bug reports, and suggestions welcome!

Twitter: @QuodaApp

Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/114463818207333533672

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