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Magnet EMF v1.0 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Clean, simple, and useful, Magnet EMF is a basic application that allows you to detect Electromagnetic Fields wherever you take your device! Magnet EMF is not only free, but contains NO ADS. Give it a try and see for yourself! Made for both tablets and phones alike!

Quick Info:
Magnet EMF shows you the current strength of an Electromagnetic Field around your device. It also visually shows each axis, allowing more detail in locating the source of the field!

Helpful Notes:
-X axis meter is from left to right
-Y axis meter is from top to bottom
-Z axis meter is forward and backward (towards you and away from you)
-Red is a negative influence on that axis
-Blue is a positive influence on that axis
-White is considered normal/natural
-Strong fields will cause a needle to jump closer to positive (blue) or negative (red) inside one or more meter(s).

This is the first release, and as of now it is as simple as it can get: but don`t worry, more is on the way!
I plan to add more features to make Magnet EMF useful for work, play, and yes, even investigating those pesky ghosts. Check up often for updates on new (and maybe hidden) features.
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