Nest Finder NZ Pro Key

Nest Finder NZ Pro Key

3 100 - 500
Nest Finder NZ Pro Key v1.3 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

This app acts as a key to enable the pro-version features of Nest Finder NZ, which needs to be installed separately, as a free download.
• Topo 250 and Topo 50 series maps for all of NZ including the Chathams
• This app won`t leave an icon in your phone`s launcher, just keep using the main app Nest Finder NZ.

Important: while the licensing has been designed to work when the device is offline, it needs to be refreshed while having a working internet connection after 30 days. Fire up the Nest Finder NZ app before you plan to go offline for an extended period to refresh the license.

We offer a full refund over an extended period of 3 days. Please send us an email with the order number to

Should you experience difficulties with the licensing, please uninstall this app and reinstall it via Google Play. Should you experience other or ongoing issues, please contact our support team:

Please, if you have issues, send us an email or use the integrated feedback function before placing a bad review. Thanks.

The downloads below contain the topographic maps for the level and area stated to allow you to pre-download them onto your phone, saving you time and bandwidth. Yes you can download all of them and carry all NZ topo maps with you on your phone - assuming you have enough capacity (The whole lot requires about 6.5 GB).

Save any of the files below to the Nest Finder folder on your SD-card (/mnt/sdcard/.nz.nestfinder/). Note that many Samsung phones/tablets mount the external SD card under a different folder (/mnt/extSdCard), in this case please either store the files to the internal storage (/mnt/sdcard/.nz.nestfinder/) or change the default folder in the Nest Finder NZ settings to the external SD-card (/mnt/extSdCard/.nz.nestfinder).

North Island, Topo 250:
level 10 [6 MB]
level 11 [26 MB]
level 12 [114 MB]

North Island, Topo 50:
level 13 [185 MB]
level 14 [583 MB]
level 15 [1.6 GB]

South Island, Topo 250:
level 10 [7 MB]
level 11 [35 MB]
level 12 [144 MB]

South Island, Topo 50:
level 13 [277 MB]
level 14 [874 MB]
level 15 part 1 [1 GB]
level 15 part 2 [1.4 GB]

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Please email feedback and feature requests to


License checks.

In case of the app crashing you are asked whether you want to send further information back to the developers.

This is required to check whether the device is connected or not before any internet access.

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