Silent Alarm

Silent Alarm

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Silent Alarm v1.6.0 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

Silent alarm message sender. When you feel you are (getting) in trouble, just 1 click on this app will give you at least a change to make clear you need help - including a hint to your location!

After the app is started, the whole screen of your smartphone will turn into a big red alarm-button. The text is adjustable. No matter where you push the button, your normal screen will re-appear and immediately a SMS-alert including the location will be sent to a predefined number, without making any noise or putting messages on your screen.

Are you being robbed, stalked, carjacked, kidnapped, or just lost? This app could save you!

This app is compatible from Android 2.3.0 (Gingerbread) up to the latest version, so you can turn a not-quite-so-new Android smartphone into a life saving alarm tool.
You can also configure wether the GPS-location should be provided in the SMS. If checked, the receiver of the SMS will get a link to google maps. The SMS will show the method and age of measurement.

No logging or other kind of duplication of your messages will be used. Phone- and SMS costs are your provider`s rates. No additional fee is charged.

In emergency situations or for investigation inquiries please contact Teunissen Enabling, Barendrecht, The Netherlands, [email protected]

Whats New
1.0.4: Adjustment of text.
1.1.0: Added configurable button text.
1.2.0: Licensing issue less disturbing, stability improved
1.4.0: Confirm new android layout specs.
1.4.2: patched licence lib for Lollipop
1.4.4: improved GPS precision
1.6.0: better user friendly warnings and instructions
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