Hello - Audio Social Network

Hello - Audio Social Network

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Hello - Audio Social Network v3.3.5 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Hello is a mobile app that links people from countries and from all around the world through conversation started within the app.

You get a default time of 2 minutes to strike a conversation and if you choose to extend it, you benefit some extra features that allow you to maximize the efforts for the conversation.

A simple tap on the ‘Hello’ button, gives you the chance to connect with new and
amazing people from your country or all around the world.

Hello gives you an exceptional avenue to reach people from your country or from any part of the world. It gives you the opportunity to make new friends and talk with them without restrictions.
There are no boundaries with Hello, you have free access to reach anyone who is on the app`s network and start a conversation with them.


-The major function of Hello is to make conversations with strangers easy and fun. Just tap the Hello button, and you are good to go.

The chat function gives you a direct access to keep in touch with your contacts on Hello.

Enjoy a quick connection with people from your country as Hello give you an
exceptional opportunity to meet new friends, right where you live.

Hello doesn’t stop at connecting you to local contacts, but it actually connects you with people from around the world. With Hello, you stand an amazing chance of meeting wonderful people, sharing experiences, and benefit from networking like never before.

Whats New
If you like the conversation with the stranger, now you can add them on your friend list. From there you can chat, call and send hearts to each other!
New on 3.3.1 - New features added, including talking with strangers indefinitely and starting video at any time during call.
New on 3.3.5 - Bug-fixes and improvements.
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