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breakup freedom

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A relationship app for those going through a break up, broken heart, divorce, separation, or split. When you were a part of a couple and now you’re not this breakup app helps get you over your ex and provides broken hearted advice by:

* Based on the no contact rule, tracking the amount of time you have had no contact with your ex and whether they are constantly contacting you
* Using the do not call features of the Ex Call Gate, helps you extend your no contact period and avoid mistakes we all make during break ups such as drunk dial
* Seeing positive reinforcement through your break up milestones
* Receiving broken heart quotes to keep you motivated from experts like Oprah and Deepak Chopra
* The Essential Breakup Checklist to help you find ways to make positive actions while you`re going through your breakup
* Gaining access to handpicked resources & advice at

Instead of breaking down, let us help you break up towards the life you were meant to have. breakup freedom has one objective - a happy you.

If you like the app, please rate us! If you have suggestions, please email us at so we can make improvements.

Whats New
We have worked hard on a breakup checklist that is essential for anyone dealing with a breakup. It is interactive and allows you to mark things as `In progress` and `Done` as you keep working on it. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
A new interactive checklist with suggestions to track getting through the early stages of a breakup.
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