Ritmo (Rhythm PlayerandDesiner)

Ritmo (Rhythm PlayerandDesiner)

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Ritmo (Rhythm Player&Desiner) v12.4 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

Ver5.2.4 Improved playback performance
Ver5.0.29 The created rhythm pattern
A Wave file can also be saved now.

exsamples for automatic time stretching.
Gualliras with guitar and Alegrias escobilla
using wav file that specified time parameter .(if tempo is 116 File name last part with @116)
Alegrias [email protected]
[email protected]
seguirilla [email protected]
seguirilla [email protected]
monophonic recording
(The file of big size may exceed a memory by a stretch. )

(guitar played by T.Yuguchi)

preset sample Rhyhm wiith guiar
Guallas with gutar,
Alegrias Escobiia,
Alegrias Silencio,
seguirilla escobillas ,
seguirilla with guitar.

Some basic prototypes such as 8th Feel ,16th Feel ,6/8 R&B Shuffle,Half Time Shuffle,and Swing are prepared.

For rhythm practice of flamenco
Since basic rhythms, such as Tango, Burelias, Solea, and Cantinuas, are prepared, but at least a standard rhythm can be used immediately.
Although the standard rhythm currently prepared for this Rtimo flamenco version is specializing in flamenco, it can also create and save an original rhythm pattern by a maximum of 8 tracks.
It is also possible to edit a standard rhythm and to make another pattern.
(Specification is possible to a maximum of 120beats, 8 tracks, an accent (9 steps) It can choose from prepared sound sources, such as Parma and cajon, and can change for every track.
There is a recording function and it can also use the sound source recorded by Ritmo.

Input Format of Rizm (9>8>7>....>1 0=Silent)
tttt -> 1111 
tntt -> 1011 
ttt -> 111
tnt -> 101
nnt -> 001

Tttt -> 9111
TttT -> 9119

Sound made to continue
tat -> 1-1
taat -> 1--1

Whats New
Ver5.3.1 add tangillos,rumba
Ver 5.3 after start to display the data which a user used last
Ver5.2.7 I was able to set the basic color of the main screen(purple, blue, gold, madder red)
Ver5.2.5 Improved playback performance
Ver5.2.0  Adjustment for CPU MSM8960
Ver5.0.29 export wav format File
ver 5.0.26 Bosa,African,Cuba ..etc
ver5.0.25 Pitch change(up down 1 octave step 0.5 interval)
ver5.0.19 Input Fromat Help added for edit Ryzm
Video Trailer
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