Clock Girls for Touhou -R.ver-

Clock Girls for Touhou -R.ver-

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Clock Girls for Touhou -R.ver- v1.0.2 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

This app is a derivative work of `Touhou Project`

This clock app made with `Touhou` characters!

Please use after reading the 【Terms of Use】.

【Terms of Use】
Supports `4x2` and `2x1` widget size.
Supports Android 4.0.0 and beyond.
`4x2` widgets may not display properly in certain devices.

`Touhou Project`:

Font Used: `Yasashisa Gothic Bold`

 Rakugaki No Yado

Whats New
Screen indication was improved.
A link of Circle HP was added.
Setting Screen update
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