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Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner v1.3 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

-Development stopped-
So, you have an external keyboard, but it only supports one language?
Or maybe it has `dead` keys?
Or perhaps you have a gamepad, but it doesn`t work in emulators, like Nesoid?
Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner may be able to help you.

Main features:
1) Multilingual: type in over 10 languages on your external keyboard(switching with Ctrl+Space)
2) Remap keys on external devices(even if there are multiple identical devices). Supports USB and Bluetooth devices(and maybe others).
3) Remap any `dead` keys
4) Use a duplicate of the standard Android on-screen keyboard(LatinIME)
5) Call apps in one click

1) Download program
2) Go to `Settings->Language and Input` and check Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner
3) Set Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner as your default keyboard

To enable typing in additional languages(not just the system`s language):
1) Go to Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner settings(in `Settings->Language and Input`)
2) Go to `Input Languages`
3) Uncheck `Use system language`, if it checked
4) Select your input languages as desired

To enable remapping feature please set `English (US) - Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner` as your default keyboard.

Supported languages:
- English(Standard language)
- Danish
- German
- Spanish
- Finnish
- French
- Croatian
- Hebrew
- Norwegian Bokmål
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Serbian
- Swedish
- Turkish (F keyboard)
- Italian
- Hungarian

To switch between languages use Ctrl+Space.
Languages supports diacritical marks and AltGr symbols(with right Alt).
On many keyboards there is a key between left Shift and english Z. This key is not supported.

Remapping keys
1) Go to Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner application
2) Tap the `Add remapping` button and press a key on the device
3) In the resulting combobox, choose the simulated key to output
For Nesoid you may use keys from A to Z. Also, don`t forget to go to Nesoid settings and check `Other settings->Use input method`

Changing printable characters in the supported languages
If you have a non-standard keyboard and keys are not typing correctly, you can change the language mappings manually.
In the `/sdcard/multilanguagekeymapredefiner/` directory you will find the language mapping files.
File format:
from_code - Unicode code for a key in the English keyboard layout
to_code - The symbol to output when that key is pressed
Changes will take effect after you reboot your device.
If you don`t see any changes, then there is an error in the file and app will recover the file from memory.

A lot of people ask me why app have a permission to read user`s contacts. This permission needed for autocompletion when you are using on screen keyboard.
Also app haven`t any permission to send data via the internet, so please don`t worry about your contacts.

Whats New
New in 1.3(major update):
Added Italian and Hungarian languages.
New combobox with keycodes.
Added AltGr symbols(right Alt).
A little increase of app performance.
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