Cinlok - Dating at Your Favourite Restaurant

Cinlok - Dating at Your Favourite Restaurant

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Cinlok - Dating at Your Favourite Restaurant v2.5.7 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

Cinlok - Romantic Treat is the first dating application in Indonesia that comes with a unique and interesting dating concept, presenting a different sensation between man and woman in one dating application.

Unlike other online dating, without a lot of pretense, you can directly meet with your dream datingpartner at restaurant and eat together.

Through Cinlok dating app, woman can make a move first. Choose your dream restaurant and dating time, then wait for a manto invite you on a date. Choose the man you like to eat together, and make your first dating dream happens through Cinlok dating app.

Gentlemen, find your dream woman. Choose the woman you like, look for the dating time that suits your availability. When she picks you, you can meet at her dream restaurant right away, and make it hard for her to forget you.

Book the restaurant for your dating with the assitance of Cinlok’s customer service team, and it is guaranteed that you will always have a table reserved for you and your dating partner. Also maximize thechat room featureto make your communication and your dating easier.

This unique concept of Cinlok is indeed different from other ordinary online dating apps. Cinlok allows a man and woman to meet directly. Simple, isn’t it? Now, need no more confusion to find online dating app, Cinlok is all you need. Download now for free!

Enjoy your first dating at your dream restaurant, who knows your dating partner is your soul mate. Come make your dream date happens through Cinlok dating app!

Whats New
1. More stable by upgrading platform version
2. GPS detection procedure improved
3. Error with discount tag solved
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