XBMC/Kodi Wrapper

XBMC/Kodi Wrapper

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XBMC/Kodi Wrapper v3.9.9.10 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

In case Kodi doesn`t support your HW video decoder or digital audio output properly, but some other video player does, this is your app.

Main functions:
-Mount CIFS or NFS share, and play from there (Low CPU usage, perfect file handling) [Requires root]
-Stream over HTTP (High CPU usage, seek may not always work)
-Replace the samba URL to local file path. (Only if your files are on the same device, e.g. if you have a shared xbmc database and playing on the server. Low CPU usage)
-Re-stream HTTP specially for Allwinner A10 devices HW decoder.
-Map XBMC PVR to TvHeadend Channels, and possibly re-stream. (*/* login for streaming required)
-Use different external player per protocol
-Handle WebDAV videos

A little explanations:

Mount CIFS or NFS share:
Mounts the given share to /mnt/xbmcwrapper (or any other dir you prefer) with busybox, and plays the file from there.
Busybox should be in one of these places: `/system/bin/busybox`, `/system/xbin/busybox`, `/xbin/busybox`, `/bin/busybox`, `/sbin/busybox`
For SMB, CIFS support in kernel required. UTF8 iocharset support in kernel recommended.

With players and Android versions that doesn`t support smb/nfs protocol, the wrapper handles the remote file, and streams it through HTTP for the player. This is supported by most media player softwares.

Map XBMC PVR to TvHeadend Channels, and possibly re-stream. (*/* login for streaming required)
XBMC uses its own id`s for TV channels(the number before their name), you can set how to remap these to tvheadend channel id`s to play in external player.
The syntax is the following:

On recent tvheadend and kodi versions, you don`t need to map channels. Just select TvHeadend as PVR backend, and set the host, and you are set.

Replace URL On-the-fly
If you are using mysql databse, you are accessing even local files over samba, which is a huge overhead. With this tool you can simply replace the samba url with a local file url, thus completely removing this overhead.

Whats New
- Support BDMV Folder play with Gallery3D (at least on Zidoo)
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